Monday, July 11, 2011

Technique FunFest 7/9/11 compulsories freestyle

By the way, all the squeaking you hear in the videos is not because Opal needs to be oiled.  There are a bunch of barn swallows who are not happy about all of us invading their home.
 Here is Ian's most recent competition.  He got a blue ribbon level (highest) for his freestyle and a red ribbon level (2nd) for compulsories. He would have gotten a higher one for compulsories but he was trying to do his click (where you push off with your hands on the handles and click your feet behind you and sit back down on the horse) but he got out of alignment and ended up dismounting instead, which was the next move anyway.  But he did awesome, as usual. He loves this sport so much and he really puts a lot of time and effort into it.
Afterwards, Tana rode Opal a little, and as usual, did NOT want to get off.  She is so funny, she ties to do compulsories on the barrel after watching Ian do it, and she wanted to try on Opal too.

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