Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Confessions With HOT DOGS!


I confess:
I haven't done this in a while. Life has been busy. But, I want to assure you I haven't died and there will be a stunning revelation that will change Hot Dogs forever for you. Promise!
I confess:
My sweet darling hubby had knee surgery this week and I keep expecting him to be a baby about it.  He's not, which is a relief, however I keep thinking back to the last time I had surgery, I had my tonsils out and I am pretty sure I was a big baby about the whole ordeal.  (Sorry Love!)
I confess:
I read a really good book this week.  Apparently it's a New York Times best seller and one of those books EVERYBODY is reading.  It's called "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett.  Excellent read.  Some language, and one very graphic part. But I read it in about 5 hours because I could not put it down.  Its about being a black housekeeper in Jackson Miss. in the 1960s.  When there were the race riots and Martin Luther King's march in DC. And how these women survived and what they had to put up with. The only bad thing about it is it ends rather abruptly. But it's still a fascinating read.
I confess:
My son goes back to school on Tuesday and I am sad.  I like having him around.  It will be nice to not have to worry about telling him to not slam the door so he doesn't wake up his sister, but otherwise, I'm going to miss him. I can't believe he's in THIRD GRADE! I hate year-around school!
I confess:
Okay here's the good part. The bit about hot dogs.  I bought a Hot Dog Toaster! It is wonderful!
You pop in a couple of dogs and a couple of buns and, Voila!, instant lunch! Ian loves it because he can do it himself when ever he likes.  And I like it 'cause it makes good tasting dogs.  I don't like them boiled, and they're too messy in the microwave and I don't like getting a pan dirty for hot dogs.  The best part is, I got it for less than $20! Yay me!


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl,,, Do I really get one for Christmas as my birthday and 43rd Anniversary have passed??? Looks SUPER Neat. Otherwise, sad too about school starting, now Ian has to wait again to come see Papa and G'ma. Take care. LOVE You ALL.

clickandno said...

Your last book recommendation was I'll have to read this one too.

Amanda said...

I loved Stockett's book!

And that Hot Dog Toaster is perfect. :)

Anonymous said...

Tara, Brian, Ian and Tana, Papa and G'ma say "Thank YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH' for the wonderful" Hot-dog and bun" cooker. It is super amazing and everyone needs one !!Even if you don't have kids !!! Will enjoy it all the time. LOVE Papa and G'ma