Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hair Night

There is a Transracial Adoption group here in the Salt Lake Valley, and last night a bunch of us got together for a "Hair Night" where we exchanged tips and ideas for dealing with our daughters' hair.  There was one lady there who had 11 children.  4 were biological and the rest she had adopted from Ethiopia 18 months ago as a sibiling group.  Her oldest is Dibabe, pronounced "dee bobby", and is 17.   Dibabe offered to cornrow Tana's hair and I quickly agreed.  She asked me what I wanted done and, puzzled, I replied, "Cornrows?"
"Yes, but how?" she asked again.  And I knew I was out of my depth.
"Just do whatever you want to do." I told her.  I got a big smile for that one!

So this was the result.  Tana looks so cute!  I was told that the braids would last at least three weeks and probably more like five.  So I have no hair worries for the next month-ish!
Tana did a great job of sitting through it.  I had to hold her, but she only got upset when Dibabe did the braids at her temples and the nape of her neck. And Tana loves the clicking of her beads when she shakes her head.  I love that this cost me $30 instead of the $100+  it would cost at a salon!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Did Not Panic

I was emptying the dishwasher the other day and as I finished up I realized the living room was very quiet.  When I went in there Ian was playing a video game, but Tana was no where to be found.  I asked Ian where Tana was. He said he did not know. I did not panic. I called her name a few times. No response. I did NOT panic. I looked in her room. No Tana. I DID NOT PANIC. I checked Ian's room. Not there either.  I DID NOT PANIC! I checked my room and found this....