Friday, February 18, 2011

Tana's Braids are OUT!

I had to take the braids out!  I'm so sad!  It's not because they wern't holding up, they still looked great, but Tana is 15 months old.  Everything from grape jelly to katsup had been put in those braids.  And while I washed her hair I really needed to do a "deep clean".  So what do you think of the "bad 80's perm" look?  My husband came home from work and saw it and he loved it, almost as much as he loves her curls.  When my son saw it he did not want to be seen with her.  I'm just glad the curls came back when I washed it.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ian's vaulting

So this is Ian working on his freestyle horse vaulting routine. As you watch the video you may want to turn off the sound as it's just me chatting with Brian and one of the other mothers.  The video dosn't last very long and is not the whole routine.  Tana was not being cooperative, and Brian was trying to keep her out of the way. 
 Ian tried out for the team vaulting walk team, which means more than one person on the horse and the routine is done while the horse is walking, and he made it. He has been doing this for only about seven months so we're very proud of him. His coach even told him she wanted him to try out for the trot team next time! Okay, that won't be until next year, but still....
Jilene complained that I didn't tell her that Ian's coach was in a wheelchair, so the one in the green coat in the backround is Cambry Kaylor, and yes, she is in a wheelchair. She is also a remarkable vaulting coach.