Monday, August 31, 2009

Soon Maybe....

I got this reply in an email from the social worker when I asked her about when we could have our profile shown to prospective birth mothers

I feel comfortable telling the agency to begin to present you with upcoming situations even though you aren't officially "approved" until the clearances are back, but if a baby comes very quickly, we would have to have the attorney complete a temporary custody order for the courts so you could bring your baby home.... I'll go ahead and let the adoptive family coordinator know you're ready to be shown and she'll give you a call when she has one that looks like it will work.

...So keep those fingers crossed and prayers coming!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rock'n Ribs cake

This last weekend we had another barbecue competition. A big one down at Gallivan Plaza downtown. So, I decided to make "ribs". I found a very good recipe for red velvet cake, and then ruined it by running out of time and having to use premade fondant. (YUCK!) But it turned out pretty cute. I got the "fatty" streaks in it by rolling out the red and then, using a spoon, drew four lines through it into which I placed cords of the white-ish fat and rolling it out a bit more. Then I dropped the whole thing over the prepared cake. The "meat" was a mixture of red and scarlet and the "fat" was white with a little copper added. I thought it turned out pretty good. Even with the blob of "fat" I had to add to hide a hole I made. It sort of made it look more real I think. In any case I fooled a few people with it. When they saw it at a distance the couldn't figure out why someone had put raw meat on the table.
We did okay at the competition. We won a medal for 6th in chicken. So now all of our meats have won awards. Brian and I were happy as we were competing with a lot of teams who have been doing this for 10 years or more and those were the teams who won. Ian was not so happy. Running on little to no sleep he saw the trophy for the Grand Champion and was EXTREMELY upset we didn't get to take it home. I then made a major "Mom mistake". I was trying to comfort him by explaining how much experience the winning teams had compared to us, and when that did not work I tried telling him that the trophy doesn't really mean anything. You can go pick up an old one at the D.I., (our local version of the Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.,) for a couple bucks. "You can?" he says. "Sure," I tell him. At that moment Brian walks by and Ian goes running up to him all happy 'cause I'm going to go to the D.I. and pick him up a trophy. I ended up going yesterday and getting him an old bowling trophy from 1972. Seriously. He thinks it is the coolest thing ever. Who knew it was that easy?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Home Study

So Monday night the Social worker came to look at our home and talk to us. We spent all day Saturday cleaning the house. I had the cleanest bathrooms in town! Then, she did not even look at them! Ian showed her around and she kind of went on a little walk through, but that was it! Brian says we've passed, and I'm pretty sure we have, but I'll be worried until some one OFFICIALLY says so. But I still need to get a Physical done that says I am healthy enough to raise a child, which won't happen until the 20th because my doc is out on maternity leave until then. (sigh) So on it goes, paperwork and all!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Idaho BBQ Results

We went up to Declo Idaho for a competition this last weekend and it was so much fun! We were at an RV park called Village of the Trees. And let me tell you it was BEAUTIFUL! When Brian told me this comp was going to be held in an RV park, I had visions of an old broken-down KOA. But this place was great. It was clean, well cared for, lots of grass and, of course, trees. There was a swimming pool, showers, a laundry and a catch and release fishing pond. Ian and I both caught fish.
These Pictures may looked posed, but I swear it's true. Ian caught a good three pound trout and mine... well, mine wasn't even three inches. I did not even know I had anything on my line, I was just reeling it in to head back to camp and here I had this tiny little fry in there!

The competition went great too. We took 3rd in chicken and 2nd in ribs. Our pork was a little overdone and our brisket was VERY overdone, but we were happy with the results. I can definitely say we will be going to this competition next year. And if you are ever in need of a RV resort and you are anywhere near Delco Idaho you MUST go to Village of the Trees.