Saturday, December 27, 2008

All I Want For Christmas... I already have

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We did, in spite of the 2 feet of snow we received. And in spite of my falling on the ice two days before and messing up my back to no end. (It's getting better.) I realize how lucky I am to have such a wonderful life as God has so freely given me on this earth. And that that is not even the true reward for those who love Him and seek to keep His commandments. What a great life I have. Food, clothing, shelter, the love of a wonderful husband and a sweet little boy as well as an extended family that may not be all in one place, but loves me from afar.

This year Ian wrote Santa and asked him for a REAL toolbox with REAL tools. Oh boy did Santa deliver!

Opening Presents Christmas morning.


All dressed up in our new tool belt and stuff. (Mom's not too sure what all she... er... SANTA got for Ian, only that there were no saws, chisels or really sharp things.)

Checking under the bathroom sink for leaks.

Nope! No leaks here!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Amy's Shuttle Cake

Amy asked me to make a cake for scouts and I agreed. It sounded like fun. So she wanted to know if I could do another Space Shuttle cake like I did for Ian's birthday. If I had just done that all would have been well, but my darling hubby convinced me I needed to do it a little differently.
I had seen this spray on color stuff and decided to make fondant frosting and just spray it on. AND this is where my trouble began. Apparently black is a color you can only find at Halloween. However I did finally locate some at the 4th store I tried. Then it turns out fondant doesn't much like being sprayed. It sort of ran and became all streaky. One can was supposed to be enough for six, eight inch cakes. This is how it looked after I used two complete cans. Darling hubby, who got me into all this to begin with, very kindly came along and told me deep space was dark purple and streaky anyway. (Okay, so I gotta love him.)
Then it was decided that I should make a planet in the background. And I came up with the bright idea of using one of those pictures you see of a dark planet with the sun just peeking around the other side. Which in photos looks pretty nifty. And probably would have on my cake if I had any idea of how to accomplish such a thing. So the dark part with no stars is supposed to be a planet and the white and purple part is supposed to be a sunrise.
Anyway, it didn't turn out awful, but I need more practice. So if you need a cake, let me know!

Friday, December 5, 2008


Amazon sent me my cheap little 'ole Tales of Beedle the Bard book yesterday. This is me unpacking it.

This is the outer case.

The book is in the velvet bag.

These are the extra prints JK Rowling drew for this edition.
And here is the actual book. I haven't actually opened it yet, I'm afraid too. I do have an extra copy of the cheap version and I have read that already. But Calleen has it now so you'll have to borrow it from her!