Monday, July 11, 2011

Anniversary Inn

Brian took me too the Anniversary Inn in Logan, UT for our 15th anniversary.  (Yup, 15 years, Wow!)
Our anniversary is officially not until the 13th but we went early because Brian's folk's were here for Ian's FunFest competition and we had ourselves some built-in overnight babysitters!

If you've never been to the Anniversary Inn, it's a hotel with "theme rooms". We were in the "Biker Roadhouse" room. Why? Um... why not? I know were not exactly "Harley" people, but the room had a pinball machiene, a pool table, a Harley to sit on, a huge spa tub and a huge shower as well as a king sized bed.  And do you know what else it had? It was sooooo cool! A hot dog toaster! You put buns in on either side and two hot dogs in the middle and it toasted the buns and cooked the dogs! I want one!  And they gave us hot dogs to toast! With condiments! So we played pool and pinball, watched TV, ate hotdogs and generally enjoyed ourselves a lot!

Thank-you Brian, I love you forever!


Wanna Be Balanced mom said...

Wow, that looks so awesome!!! Happy Anniversary, glad you had a good time.

Wrena said...

Fantastic ! glad you got away and enjoyed it! Here is to another 15+++ Way to go --Hearts--