Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Confession!


Yesterday was my birthday.  I am officially 39 years old. No, really. That is not a euphemism for 40, I am really 39 and next year I'll 40. I see no point in lying about my age. I'd rather be getting older than not.

Yesterday my sweet son brought me breakfast in bed.  I had oatmeal, a glass of milk, and something that could be generously described as coffee. In reality it was warm water with a little coffee flavor and a whole lot of creamer. (Yes, I drank it with a smile.)  I have never had breakfast in bed before, with the exception of when I was too sick to enjoy it. This was much funner as Ian, Tana and one of the cats shared it with me. Amazingly the sheets stayed clean.

My darling hubby bought me a Nook Color for my birthday.  I've already bought three books and read one and checked out some from the library.  This is AWESOME!  I love to read. I love books. Now I can take a whole library with me wherever I go!

We went to dinner at The Spaghetti Factory. I had the spaghetti with cheese and brown butter.  It was yummy! The funnest part of dinner though, was watching Tana eat. She ate Brian's salad and got dressing all over her face and down her arms and was licking it off her fingers.  Then when he shared his spaghetti with her, she had a hard time getting the noodles in her mouth.  Them guys are LONG!  But she managed!  Finally, we all had ice cream Ian and I had the Neapolitan, and Brian had vanilla.  Tana did not want to share his ice cream, she wanted mine.  I don't blame her Neapolitan is MUCH tastier!

So while I had to do things like grocery shop and dishes, it was a great birthday.  I love my family very much and could not possibly ask for a better one!  Thank you Brian, Ian and Tana! I Love you!

I used to work as a graphic designer. In the strange, mixed-up company I worked for, IT and graphics were together.  We used to joke that most computer problems could be solved with "Shut-up and reboot!".
I was having a problem with my Nook.  I called customer service. They told me to shut-up and reboot.  Actually, they were much nicer about it but since I felt like such an idiot, that is how my brain translated it.  It's working fine now.


VandyJ said...

Happy Birthday.
Oh, a Nook! I'm jealous. I want a kindle but a Nook would be good too.

Amy said...

How did I miss that is was your birthday!! Gasp!! Well happy birthday and I am glad that it was a nice day for you!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday! I just checked out what a Nook Color is. Now I want one! :)